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If you would like a beginner's introduction to Ars Magica, please see Learning to Play.

These questions, and answers, come from the Ars Magica Fan Community. The answers are unofficial but represent the best judgment of a large body of experienced players.

Basic Questions[edit]

The Ars Magica Product Line[edit]

Mythic Europe[edit]

Fan Community[edit]

Fifth Edition[edit]

Newcomers may also find the introduction to Game Mechanics informative.

Rules Status[edit]

Characters, Abilities, and Virtues and Flaws[edit]


Forms & Techniques[edit]

Spell Effects[edit]

Casting Spells[edit]

Questions on Specific Spells[edit]

Magic Resistance, Penetration, and Parma Magica[edit]

Most of the following questions are addressed in detail in the (lengthy) article on Magic Resistance.

Magic Resistance Mechanics[edit]

Penetration Mechanics[edit]

  • Do wards have to penetrate in order to keep out a creature with Magic Resistance?
  • Does Aegis of the Hearth have to penetrate in order to keep out a creature with Magic Resistance?

Design of Magic Resistance[edit]


Books, Study, and Experience[edit]

  • What is meant on p. 165 by " Summae: Source - Quality and Level?"


Miscellaneous Rules Questions[edit]

Fourth Edition (and earlier editions) Questions[edit]

  • How does the Parma Magica work in Fourth Edition?
  • Is Perdo Imaginem too easy?
  • "How do I use Range, Duration, and Target?"
  • Can my wizard create ritual spell to lift an entire mountain five hundred feet into the air permanently? If so, what level would it be?
  • Can a magus create a golem and switch minds with it and thus escape old age?
  • Is ice part of Aquam, or what?
  • "Is combat busted?"
  • A sample combat

Legacy Page[edit]

The history of this page before July 21, 2012 is located at Legacy:Faq