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If you would like a beginner's introduction to Ars Magica, please see Learning to Play.

These questions, and answers, come from the Ars Magica Fan Community. The answers are unofficial but represent the best judgment of a large body of experienced players.

Basic Questions

The Ars Magica Product Line

Mythic Europe

Fan Community

Fifth Edition

Newcomers may also find the introduction to Game Mechanics informative.

Rules Status

Characters, Abilities, and Virtues and Flaws


Forms & Techniques

Spell Effects

Casting Spells

Questions on Specific Spells

Magic Resistance, Penetration, and Parma Magica

Most of the following questions are addressed in detail in the (lengthy) article on Magic Resistance.

Magic Resistance Mechanics

Penetration Mechanics

  • Do wards have to penetrate in order to keep out a creature with Magic Resistance?
  • Does Aegis of the Hearth have to penetrate in order to keep out a creature with Magic Resistance?

Design of Magic Resistance


Books, Study, and Experience

  • What is meant on p. 165 by " Summae: Source - Quality and Level?"


Miscellaneous Rules Questions

Fourth Edition (and earlier editions) Questions

  • How does the Parma Magica work in Fourth Edition?
  • Is Perdo Imaginem too easy?
  • "How do I use Range, Duration, and Target?"
  • Can my wizard create ritual spell to lift an entire mountain five hundred feet into the air permanently? If so, what level would it be?
  • Can a magus create a golem and switch minds with it and thus escape old age?
  • Is ice part of Aquam, or what?
  • "Is combat busted?"
  • A sample combat

Legacy Page

The history of this page before July 21, 2012 is located at Legacy:Faq