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Note: If you are looking for the Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) project, it is located at

Project: Redcap is a center for the fan community of Ars Magica, a tabletop roleplaying game. Here you will find links to Ars Magica resources and information across the World Wide Web. This site is a wiki that contains extensive reference information for Ars Magica players: frequently-asked questions, descriptions of the many products available for the game, and summaries of many topics about the Order of Hermes and Mythic Europe.

30 Pages for November[edit]

We ran a community outreach campaign called "30 Pages for November". Each day in November 2016, a new page was nominated by the Head Redcap for creation or updating. Community members pitched in to edit many of those page to improve them.

To see the list of pages each day and other campaign details, please refer to the 30 pages for November campaign page.

Internet Resources[edit]

Many of the fan sites on the web are players' sagas, which we organize by Regional Tribunal:

Saga Links
Greater Alps Hibernia Iberia Levant Loch Leglean Normandy
Novgorod Provençal Rhine Rome Stonehenge Thebes
Transylvania Alternate Settings

Official Ars Magica discussion forums
Atlas Games's official discussion forums are the de facto center of the online fan community. Here players exchange story ideas, discuss the fine points of the rules, and even find other players or play Ars Magica by forum.
Atlas Games
Atlas Games has lots of useful information and downloads on its pages for the Fifth (current) and Fourth Editions.
Sub Rosa
Sub Rosa is the current Ars Magica fanzine.
Peripheral Code
Peripheral Code is a new Ars Magica fanzine that began publishing in 2016.
Metacreator is commercial character-creation software that supports Ars Magica ( Fourth and Fifth Editions).
The Net Wizard's Grimoire
A collection of hundreds of fan-created spells where you can submit your own.
Grand Tribunal Conventions
The fan community has been organizing Ars Magica conventions since 2007: see Grand Tribunal UK and Grand Tribunal USA
Mailing lists
As of 2015, the fan community discusses Ars Magica primarily on the official Atlas Games forums, but the Berkeley List is still active as well. Google Plus hosts a few Ars Magica communities Ars Magica RPG, The Ethereal Tribunal, and Sub Rosa: The Ars Magica Fanzine.

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