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Against the Dark

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Against the Dark: The Transylvanian Tribunal is the Tribunal sourcebook for the Transylvanian Tribunal. It is the first Ars Magica book to focus on that part of Mythic Europe, which includes the powerful and historically important kingdom of Hungary.

Against the Dark: The Transylvanian Tribunal
Cover illustration for Against the Dark: The Transylvanian Tribunal
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fifth
Abbreviation: AtD
Product Type: Tribunal sourcebook
Author(s): Timothy Ferguson
Richard Love
Matt Ryan
Mark Shirley
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG0302
ISBN: 1-58978-130-9
Release date: 2013
Format: Hardcover, 144 pages
Availability: Available at Warehouse 23 as of January 16, 2013

Subject and Contents[edit]

The table of contents is available from Atlas Games and author Timothy Ferguson has made the Timeline available on his blog: Timeline. The book describes the Transylvanian Tribunal dominated by House Tremere, but in which other magi may flourish (and are playable). There are only four covenants in the Tribunal, but covenant in employed by House Tremere in a non-standard sense, and in fact many oppida (lit. "camps") exist, being in essence what are defined as covenants in other Tribunals. (As such it is perfectly possible for the players to create their own oppida/covenant in the Tribunal.)

The book greatly develops the depiction of House Tremere in HoH:TL and provides information on Prima Poena, Coeris, and Tremere strategic doctrine and ambitions.

Mundane politics are covered, with the Kingdom of Hungary, the Bulgarian Empire, and a chapter in the Slavs covering Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia in 1220 as well as infomation on the cumans and other nomadic groups. However the authors note in their introduction that this is a Mythic European version of the region, reconstructed from folk legends and fairy stories for game playability, not an attempt to enter the contentious world of Balkans history.

A chapter on Creatures has much new material on important types of supernatural being in the Tribunal: Dragons, Giants, Vampires and Vilas (White Ladies). Two Hedge Magic traditions are presented in this book: Storm Wizards and Vampire Hunters, both found primarily in the Transylvanian Tribunal.

The book is noteworthy for being particularly heavy in terms of Story Seeds and examples of how to use the material in play and an unusual chapter offering Storyguides advice: in this case a chapter on running Horror Stories in Ars Magica.


The book was released in late January 2013.

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