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Ars Magica Revised Edition

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(This page is about the core rulebook for Ars Magica Revised Edition. For a full list of pages related to Revised (second) Edition, see Category:ArM2.)

Ars Magica Revised Edition, also called Second Edition or ArM2, was published by Lion Rampant in 1989 as a 160-page softcover rulebook. It was the first edition to reach wide circulation.

Ars Magica Revised Edition
Cover illustration for Ars Magica Revised Edition
Product Information
Rules Edition: Second
Abbreviation: ArM2
Product Type: core rules
Author(s): Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein·Hagen
Publisher: Lion Rampant
Product Number: AG0201
ISBN: None
Release date: 1989
Format: Softcover, 160 pages
Availability: PDF only

Subject and Contents[edit]

This was a revised edition of the core rules that streamlined gameplay a bit. The layout was improved from First Edition but still rudimentary by modern (c. 2012) standards.

Contributions to Canon[edit]

ArM2 introduced the Houses of Hermes, though it mentioned them only briefly and left the details to the supplement, Order of Hermes.

Comparison with Other Editions[edit]

Compared to ArM1, Second Edition was generally more polished and streamlined. Many of the changes seem to have been made with playability in mind:

  • ArM2 was the first edition to use seasons for laboratory work and character advancement (ArM1 used months, which were comparatively much more cumbersome)
  • ArM2 converted Parma Magica into an Ability (in ArM1, Parma Magica was a Rego Vim General spell)
  • Combat was revised to be somewhat simpler and faster-paced.


ArM2 was out of print for many years. On December 2, 2016, Atlas Games announced on Google+ that a PDF was finally made available.

Opinion & Reviews[edit]

ArM2 maintained a loyal following even after ArM3 was published, and was long called the One True Edition (or OTE) by its proponents.

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