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Atlas Games a small company that owns the Ars Magica franchise and publishes Ars Magica products. It is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. In addition to Ars Magica, Atlas Games also publishes other roleplaying games, as well as card games (the latter seem to be its main source of revenue).

Atlas Games has been publishing Ars Magica products since 1996 (see History of Ars Magica), including all of the Fourth and Fifth Edition. It was apparently named for this enterprise; in a post on the official forums, its founder John Nephew said "...the entire "Atlas Europa" series of alternate ArM settings/times that I originally envisioned publishing when I started and named Atlas Games...".


Atlas Games is owned by John Nephew and Michelle Nephew.

Historic Ties to Ars Magica[edit]

Atlas Games is not the original publisher of Ars Magica -- that was a company called Lion Rampant. John Nephew worked for Lion Rampant in the late 1980's[1] so the company has connections to Ars Magica going back to its early years.

Ars Magica Products[edit]

Atlas Games first published Ars Magica products under license while the game was still owned by Lion Rampant, then resumed publication in 1996 when it bought the franchise from Wizards of the Coast.

Early Atlas Games Products[edit]

Later Atlas Games Products[edit]

Atlas Games has published all Ars Magica rule books and supplements since ArM4. That list is too lengthy to maintain here; please refer to the list of products by edition.

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