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Between Sand & Sea: Mythic Africa

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Between Sand & Sea: Mythic Africa is a Fifth Edition sourcebook, announced for a December 2014 publication date.

Between Sand & Sea: Mythic Africa
Cover illustration for Between Sand & Sea: Mythic Africa
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fifth Edition
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author(s): Timothy Ferguson, Lachlan Hayes, Ben McFarland, Mark Shirley
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG0310
ISBN: 1-58978-153-8
Release date: December 2014
Format: Hardcover, 144 pages
Availability: To be released

The cover image is by Christian St. Pierre

Table of Contents[edit]

According to the Table of Contents PDF released by Atlas Games (see External Links, below), the book covers, among other topics (this is not a complete list, see the PDF):

  • Africa and Its People
    • Sagas in Mythic Africa
    • The Land
    • History
    • The People of Mythic Africa
      • Berbers
      • Arabs
      • Others
      • Muslim Names
      • Berber Names
    • Maghrebi Arabs
    • The Berbers
    • The People of the Veil
      • Tuareg Culture
      • Tuareg Society
      • Tuareg Magic
    • The Banu Khalida
  • Geography of North Africa: Coasts
  • The Great Desert
  • The Realms of North Africa
    • The Magic
    • Tatoo Magicians
    • The Settuten
      • Settut Characters
      • New Virtues and Flaws
      • Settut Magic
      • Dispelling Magic
      • Warping and the Tamzawit Curse
      • Settut Culture
    • Minor Magical Traditions
      • The Daughters of Four Fathers
      • Inducers
        • Induction (Major Virtue)
      • Potteresses
        • Maker of Water Vessels (Minor Supernatural Virtue)
        • Maker of Textured Vessels (Minor Supernatural Virtue)
        • The Leaders of this Tradition
        • Leather-workers
      • Rippers
        • Ripper (Minor Virtue)
        • Fabric Ripper (Minor Virtue)
        • Leather Ripper (Minor Virtue)
      • Geomancers
      • The Inenden
      • Wondrous Items
      • The Blue Men of the Desert
    • The Shapeshifters of the Maghreb
    • The Monstrous Races of Africa
    • The Jnun
    • Lowhush - A Berber Bestiary
    • The Divine
    • The Gods of Carthage
  • Appendix: Mundane Bestiary

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