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Black Monks of Glastonbury

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The Black Monks of Glastonbury
Cover illustration for The Black Monks of Glastonbury
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fourth
Product Type: Scenario
Author(s): David Chart
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG3402
ISBN: 1-58978-035-3
Release date: 2002
Format: Softcover and
PDF, 112 pages
Availability: Out of print
PDF available


The Black Monks of Glastonbury is a Fourth Edition scenario by David Chart. As the title suggests, it deals with a corrupt group of monks at the mystical site of Glastonbury Tor.

D20/Ars Magica Crossover[edit]

The Black Monks of Glastonbury is a special game supplement with statistics for both Ars Magica and Third Edition Dungeons and Dragons. It is the only Ars Magica supplement with such dual game statistics. It is not exactly a crossover between the two systems, but rather a single scenario designed to be played with either of two rule systems.

The D&D rules sections contains guidelines on how to play a D&D game with wizards who resemble Hermetic magi, in a setting like Mythic Europe.

Player Reviews[edit]

Until about 2005, the original Ars Magica FAQ site solicited reviews of Ars Magica products from the community. The online review submission form is no longer available, but please feel free to edit this page to add your own comments. A synopsis of the survey results for this book is:

FAQ Rating: *** (2 reviews; 0 *, 0 **, 2 ***, 0 **** 0 ****)

  • This book is just crammed full of story hooks and ideas. Suits a Western Saga

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