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In ArM5, the combat rules were extensively revised from previous editions (not for the first time).

They are found in pages 171-178 of the core rules book and involve the calculation of five total values to be used during combat:

  • Initiative Total, used to determine the order in which combatants may act. Includes an stress die.
  • Attack Total, which is influenced by the weapon used and may help in causing greater damage. Includes an stress die.
  • Defense Total, which represents the ability of avoiding being hit. Includes an stress die.
  • Damage Total, influenced by strength, weapon, and attack and defense totals.
  • Soak Total, which determines how much of a succesful attack's damage is avoided by way of dispersion into armor and stamina.

A succesful attack may cause no damage (if the soak total compensates it entirely), or a Light, Medium, Heavy, Incapacitating or even Fatal Wound,