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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Project: Redcap. Please read our copyright policy before you begin. It's important.


See Help:Finding information for instructions on navigating the site and tips on searching.

Creating an Account[edit]

It is not necessary to create an account; guests are allowed to edit anonymously. If you plan to make multiple contributions and would like to register, here's how.


Important: After editing a page, you must click the "Save page" button or your changes will be discarded!

See Help:Editing for instructions on how to edit pages.

Help:Basic formatting has some basic tips, including on how to place and label internal links (links to other pages, like Order of Hermes) and external links (like this one to the Atlas Games website).

Help:Style guide has some advice on organizing and laying out pages.

Creating New Pages[edit]

If you want to create a new page from scratch instead of editing one that already exists, please refer to Help:Creating a new page.

Further Help and Tutorials[edit]

First, we have a few Help pages, which explain the basics and should be everything you need to write or revise your first article.

Project: Redcap uses Mediawiki software -- a stripped-down version of the same engine that powers Wikipedia. There is plenty of good tutorial information for MediaWiki on the Web. In fact, most introductory material for MediaWiki is better than what the Project: Redcap maintainers could write themselves. So rather than do a poor job of re-writing documentation that other people have already written, we'll refer you to some starting sites:

If you are looking for something beyond the basics -- how to include an image, for example, or how to use templates -- and you don't find anything useful on our help pages, the next thing to try is to Google (or use any other search engine) for keywords like "mediawiki image" or "mediawiki template."

Also, the Project: Redcap maintainers are very eager to get some help, any help, updating and maintaining this site. You can always contact us if you have made a basic effort to find documentation, but are still lost. We'll be happy to help you get started!

Next Steps[edit]

Now that you know the basics of editing, go ahead and try it out on a few pages.

Project Redcap:Content guidelines explains how to create well-written pages.

Project Redcap:Sub-Projects describes some of the maintainers are doing, and how you can help.