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The Dragon and the Bear

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The Dragon and the Bear: The Novgorod Tribunal
Cover illustration for The Dragon and the Bear: The Novgorod Tribunal
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fourth Edition
Abbreviation: DatB
Product Type: Tribunal Sourcebook
Author(s): Simeon Shoul
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG0260
ISBN: 1-887801-71-5
Release date: 1999
Format: Softcover, 192 pages
Availability: Softcover out of print
PDF available

The Dragon and the Bear: The Novgorod Tribunal is the Fourth Edition Tribunal supplement about the Novgorod Tribunal.

Player Reviews[edit]

Until about 2005, the original Ars Magica FAQ site solicited reviews of Ars Magica products from the community. The online review submission form is no longer available, but please feel free to edit this page to add your own comments. A synopsis of the survey results for this book is:

FAQ Rating: *** (13 reviews; 0 *, 4 **, 6 ***, 3 ****)

  • Excellent sourcebook except for too many Mongols and grossly overpowered elder magi.
  • All your Slavic needs. Greatly divides the Mythic from the mundane, but gives a good overview of Russia, the Novgorod Tribunal, new slavic hedge-magic, the Slavic Fae and the soon-to-be-arriving Mongol Hordes.
  • Great Tribunal book, made me want to play in Novgorod.
  • A great Tribunal Book, although I couldn't care less about another brand of hedge mages.
  • Yet another book set in the distant wilderness, about being in the distant wilderness, but this time with a millennial theme.
  • Thick and meaty, but only useful for sagas set in Russia and Poland. This is the only book whose narrative prose chapter beginnings are actual good reads.
  • Seemingly very complete treatment of Russia and Slavic lands. I would like to see the Covenant sheet format used here made the standard presentation format. The Slavic magic and faerie power levels may be too high.
  • Good background, interesting setting, of limited use in most games.
  • Good, the shaman section is worth it, the other aspects need to looked at closely.

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