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Friendly Local Game Store

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Your Friendly Local Game Store (abbreviated FLGS) is the best place to hang out with other gamers, play new games, and indoctrinate new players into the cultish fan community of Ars Magica.

Why Local Game Stores Matter[edit]

Local game stores act as community centers for gamers. Unlike online stores, they provide an opportunity to socialize and to learn and discuss new games. They are the best way of keeping the gaming hobby alive and thriving.

Buying From Local Game Stores[edit]

There are fewer local game stores in the United States than there used to be. Partly this is due to competition from online sellers. Buyers can usually get a considerable discount buying online, and a small, local business can't match the low prices of a monster corporation like Amazon. But, with every sale lost to a faceless Internet retailer, it becomes harder for the owner of a Friendly Local Game Store to make his modest living.

If you value your local game store, prove it. Buy there. If your store does not happen to carry Ars Magica products, ask at the counter. Chances are, they will gladly place a special order for you.

Finding a Local Game Store[edit]

Some game stores are disguised as comic shops, hobby stores, book stores, or toy stores. Check the independent retailers in your area.

You can also go to the Atlas Games Web site and click the big, friendly "Retailer Locator" button in the right-hand column (just under the yellow "Archives" box). Even if that doesn't return any results near you, there could still be a game store that's simply not listed. Try asking your gamer friends or inquiring at a local book or comic store.

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