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Faerie Realm

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The Faerie Realm is the Realm of faerie creatures. It is a Realm of constant change that reshapes reality in the most exciting way, only to tell an inspiring story.


The Faerie Realm differs from the Magic Realm by its inherent nature of change. While the Magic Realm is about stability and growth, the Magic Realm is about (personal and universal) development, progression, and alteration. Instead of objectiveness, it is about subjective perception. Although it has its rules and taboos, it is not about morality, but experience.



There are three specific types of the Faerie Realm that are different enough from each other to be called distinctive _worlds_:

Arcadia : The world of adventure and entertainment. Here, characters experience exciting, thrilling, or amusing stories.
Elysium : The world of myths. It is the world where the happenings of the past are to be remembered and re-experienced.
Eudokia : The world of personal progression.


There are three Paths that correspond to the worlds:

Path of Chance : Leading through Arcadia, characters traveling on this path are about to be involved in adventures.
Path of Destiny : Leading through Elysium, this path it tangent to sights and stories that have already been told.
Path of Choice : Leading through Eudokia, this path is followed mainly by those who are about to change their personal destinies.

Past Editions[edit]

The Third and Fourth Edition supplement Faeries Revised Edition described the Faerie Realm as Arcadia, a place where associations were at the heart of "geography" and that was divided between Summer and Winter, Light and Dark. The faeries and stories of Faerie followed strange but specific rules, such as "What is mine is mine, what is yours is mine too".

Unlike the Fifth Edition's realm, Fourth Edition's Arcadia was a strange and exotic place, a place where stories happened but not one that revolved around stories and only exists to the extent they do.


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