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One of the main goals of Project: Redcap is to bring together links to as many Ars Magica resources as possible, regardless of their age or perceived quality. Please help by contributing links to your own Ars Magica Web site(s) or any sites you come across.

The sub-topics below lead to individual pages devoted to those sub-topics. Most of the links are on the sub-pages. You may also find it useful to browse by category.

Starting Points[edit]

The following sites are good starting points for exploring Ars Magica on the web.

Official Ars Magica discussion forums
Atlas Games's official discussion forums are the de facto center of the online fan community. Here players exchange story ideas, discuss the fine points of the rules, and even find other players or play Ars Magica by forum.
Atlas Games
Atlas Games has lots of useful information and downloads on its pages for the Fifth (current) and Fourth Editions.
Sub Rosa
Sub Rosa is the current Ars Magica fanzine.
Peripheral Code
Peripheral Code is a new Ars Magica fanzine that began publishing in 2016.
Metacreator is commercial character-creation software that supports Ars Magica ( Fourth and Fifth Editions).
The Net Wizard's Grimoire
A collection of hundreds of fan-created spells where you can submit your own.
Grand Tribunal Conventions
The fan community has been organizing Ars Magica conventions since 2007: see Grand Tribunal UK and Grand Tribunal USA
Mailing lists
As of 2015, the fan community discusses Ars Magica primarily on the official Atlas Games forums, but the Berkeley List is still active as well. Google Plus hosts a few Ars Magica communities Ars Magica RPG, The Ethereal Tribunal, and Sub Rosa: The Ars Magica Fanzine.

Saga pages[edit]

Many fan sites relate to individual Sagas, which we categorize by Tribunal.

Saga Links
Greater Alps Hibernia Iberia Levant Loch Leglean Normandy
Novgorod Provençal Rhine Rome Stonehenge Thebes
Transylvania Alternate Settings

Other fan-created material[edit]

See also our fan community page.

The following pages have something to do with Ars Magica, but aren't closely associated with any single Regional Tribunal or Alternate Settings.

We are building an index of blogs related to Ars Magica. Please help us expand this list!
Professional-quality magazines about Ars Magica, written by the fans, for the fans

Individual pages[edit]

Andrew Gronosky's Ars Magica Site
Andrew Gronosky's Fifth Edtion Ars Magica pages. Includes notes on two Sagas, useful links, House Rules, and sundry apocrypha.
Character creation and PDF character sheet creation software.
Ars Magica Bergensis
Ars Magica Point Cost Calculator
The Ars Magica Point Costs Calculator is supposed to help you to calculate point costs while creating your Ars Magica 5th Edition character. With your computer being responsible for the number crunching, character creation is simplified a lot!
Castle Anthrax
Includes the Travels of Fedoso.
La Crisma de Simón el Mago (Español)
D20 Ars Magica
David Chart's Ars Magica Pages
Latin translations, rules expansions, and a complete Saga.
Jerome Darmont's Ars Magica Site
Covenants (6), Gaming aids and scenarios, Reviews and more! (Also in French)
Durenmar was an archive of high-quality articles for Ars Magica, much like an online fanzine. It is was last updated in 2005 and seems to have gone offline as of February, 2014. Project: Redcap is rebuilding as much of its content as possible on the Durenmar (website) page. The classic version should still be accessible in archived form thanks to the Wayback machine.
Eric Pommer's House Rules
This site contains alternate Combat and Study systems, Ablative Parma mechanics, essays on Mythic Europe, and more. Note: This site is now offline. I tried contacted the author but received no response. The content is still available from the Internet Archive. User:Andrew Gronosky 24 June 2013
Helen Steele's Ars Magica Page
Fantasy Library Ars Magica Site
Ironbound Tome's Ars Magica Resources
Lance Dyas's Ars Magica Site
Machiavelli Games
A site for freeform games based on the ArM system.
Mad Irishman's Ars Magica Page
Home to many roleplaying aids in PDF format, this particular page features character sheets, maps, and stories useful to many Ars Magica players.
Mark Steedman's Ars Magica pages
The commercial software Metacreator, available from Alter Ego Software, is a character creation and management tool. User feedback has been generally very positive.
Nexx's Ars Magica Page
Oskari Koskimies' Archive
Giant Pricelist, Earthsea and Ars Magica, and Ars Magica music. Story archive is in Finnish.
A bilingual (English/German) community site
Rho Phi Gamma
Contains several useful files, a small collection of links, but its main claim to infamy are rules for converting AD&D settings for use with Ars Magica.
Sanctum Hermeticum Renewed
An online fanzine-like archive, currently active, maintained by Angus MacDonald.
Secretum Secretorum
Unofficial Ars Magica background material by author Jeremiah Genest
Shannon Appel's Ars Magica Pages
Logs for four campaigns, rules reference sheets, and character sheets.
Tempora Heroica
A MUD using Ars Magica magic and concepts. There is a web site at, and the MUD itself can be reached at telnet://
Wayne's Books Ars Magica Page
Wikipedia's Ars Magica entry
Woodelf's Archive
Woodelf's Ars Fantasia (PDF)
Canaries are dying covenant locator
A list of mythic europe covenants, both official and fan-made.
Covenant Directory
A great complement to the previous site, this spreadsheet lists Covenants by location, tribunal, founding, and (if applicable) page reference)
XML ArM5 Character Sheet

Helpful non-Ars Magica sites[edit]

Wikipedia is probably known to most readers already. Check the link for the uses in creating and preparing an Ars Magica game.

TV Tropes another large wiki, dedicated to tropes- conventions of various media used to tell stories- and the media that use them. These can be of great help, both from reviewing a trope directly or seeing examples of where it's been used ("you know how in that one scene they..."). The site also gives information on creators and collaborators in various works- authors, directors, artists, actors, etc- and actors Check out the write up on TV Tropes in our wiki for more on how it can be used and warnings on how it can be a HUGE time suck.

Internet Archive contains or links to a large number of public domain works in a number of different formats.

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