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Magic Realm

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Not to be mistaken for the Realm of Magic, one of the four Realms of Power, the Magic Realm is the equivalent of what Heaven represents for the Divine, Hell for the Infernal, and Arcadia for the Realm of Faerie.


Although Hermetic Magic Lore does not offer an holistic theory on the structure of the Magic Realm, nor its overall integral functionality, there are three major theories on how it _might_ function:

  1. The Magic Realm consists of infinite intertwined cosms, each of which is somehow related to the mundane world, thereby forming an encapsulated reality of its own. Two sub-theories, one on macrocosms, and one on microcosms, try to explain whether a single cosm is part of a bigger picture, or contains countless nested (micro-)cosms within itself, respectively.
  2. Instead of metaphysically related cosms, the Magic Realm is made from independent insulae that behave much like secluded islands or countries. A proficient navigator who is aware of the risks can reach them by ship.
  3. Although not entirely detached from time, time has no real meaning for those inside the Magic Realm. Since the pockets of the Magic Realm, formerly called cosms and insulae, sometimes seem to accommodate certain distinctive events in time, the pockets, now called tempora, behave like pages, and navigating the Magic Realms is like browsing the pages of a book that holds all events since the beginning of time. Members of House Criamon particularly seem to like this theory.

In spite of all the differences, all three theories agree on the existence of the following components in the Magic Realm:

The Twilight Void : The emptiness between the pockets of the Realm, be they called cosms, insulae, or tempora.
Boundaries : Outlines of the locations inside the Magic Realm that function similarly to the boundary of a regio.
Vestiges : Semi-solid illusions, each of which is aligned with one magical Form.


This section is supposed to describe some of the special circumstances in the Magic Realm.

Access & Travel[edit]

There are three methods known to exist that might permit a character to enter the Magic Realm:

  • By the use of mythical powers.
  • By (probably accidentally) crossing the boundary of a regio in a rather unexpected way.
  • By a magical disaster.

Traveling the Magic Realm, that is for that matter, the Twilight Void, is an endeavor better left to experts, for it is not only potentially dangerous, but may also be costly in regard of time, even if time does not play a role _inside_ the Magic Realm. One may also walk (or fly or swim) from one place to another if there are no barriers or other prohibitions, just as if one was travelling in Mythic Europe, for the boundaries are not necessarily solid limits.

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