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Medieval History

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The historical context for Ars Magica sagas is the 13th century; with the addition of the myths and folktales commonly believed by those at the time (see Mythic Europe).

Introduction and Disclaimer[edit]

While an exhaustive retelling of Medieval History is not within the scope of this page, a brief overview and links to Resources and References are mentioned.

Overview of Medieval History[edit]

An online starting point for a general overview of Medieval history is the Wikipedia article on the Middle Ages. The references noted on the Wikipedia page provide many jumping off points for detailed accounts of Medieval history. If you wish to jump straight in to researching individual areas, the 13th century by country list will start directing you to relevant pages.

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See also Suggested Reading.

  • Books
    • Everyday Life in Medieval London: From the Anglo-Saxons to the Tudors by Toni Mount (2014)
    • Feudal Society, Volume 1: The Growth of Ties of Dependence by Marc Block (1964)
    • Feudal Society, Volume 2: Social Classes and Political Organization by Marc Block (1964)
    • Handbook To Life In The Medieval World (3 volumes) by Madeline Pelner Cosman and Linda Gale Jones (2008)
    • Life in a Medieval Castle by Frances Gies & Joseph Gies (2010)
    • Life in a Medieval City by Frances Gies & Joseph Gies (2010)
    • Life in a Medieval Village by Frances Gies & Joseph Gies (2010)
    • Medieval Life: Manners, Customs & Dress During the Middle Ages by Paul Lacroix (2001)
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    • The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century by Ian Mortimer (2009)