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Novgorod Tribunal

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The Novgorod Tribunal is the Regional Tribunal covering Scandinavia, Poland, and Russia. It is by far the largest Tribunal geographically, but for the most part it is sparsely populated by both magi and mundanes. It borders on the Rhine and Transylvanian Tribunals, as well as pagan lands to the east. See the Map of Mythic Europe.

Mythic Iceland is also generally considered to be part of the Novgorod Tribunal.

Saga Links[edit]

The following saga websites are set in, or otherwise related to, the Novgorod Tribunal. Feel free to add your own site to the list; please insert it in alphabetical order.

Arx Prudentiae
A spring covenant in the heart of Pagan Lithuania, founded to help create a Pagan Lithuanian empire loyal to the Order of Hermes ...we have learned from the Albigensian Crusade: never forget, never forgive!
Islandia Saga
The saga of the covenant of Islandia, a newly-founded covenant in Mythic Iceland.
Nature's Teeth
A covenant of mages living at the heart of an eternal storm on an island seeped with mystery... and the dead. Logs of the first 26 games. Set in the same universe as the later Prospectus Locus (Iberia) campaign.
Trials of Novgorod
On the banks of the river Kapsa, in the marshes to the north of the city of Novgorod, lurks a Covenant of young scholars and magicians. After 14 years of battling a series of infernal manifestations, the intrigues of the Sword Brethren, and skirmishes with the local faeries the Covenant of Paparotno has established a learned bastion against the storms approaching from the East. Around them the Novgorod Tribunal decays into chaos, with a Wizard's March against the rogue covenant Priper Maior now looming. The conflict threatens the interests of Crintera, House Bjornaer and offers Lebensraum to the Rhine Tribunal. As the time of reckonings approaches, the hidden hand of the infernal grows ever stronger....
Aoide Covenant
A place of beauty set in Mythic Iceland.
Travelling Covenant of ...
This is a saga done in troupe style, involving the formation of a new covenant and the exploration of the lands of the Novgorod Tribunal. It is designed to be a game focusing on adventure and conflict.

Current Edition Resources[edit]

Ancient Magic
provides some useful Fifth Edition stats for Mongol troopers, generals, and shamans.[1]
Hedge Magic Revised Edition
has detailed Fifth Edition rules for the vitkir[2]
Realms of Power: Faerie
has brief Fifth Edition rules for the Volkhvy[3]
Rival Magic
introduces the Muspelli[4], powerful non-Hermetic wizards who are based in Scandinavia and the Baltic region

Current Edition Covenants[edit]

We're not aware of any covenants in the Novgorod Tribunal being explicitly mentioned in Fifth Edition material.

Past Edition Resources[edit]

The Dragon and the Bear
4th edition Ars Magica published a fairly high powered fantasy setting for Russia on the eve of the Mongol invasions. Introduced volkhvy and lots of Slavic faeries.
The Hidden Paths: Shamans
Third Edition supplement that described hedge wizards of a Slavic tradition.
Land of Fire and Ice
covered Mythic Iceland for 4th Edition. Now out of print but sold as a PDF at e-23 :
Lion of the North
the 3rd Edition supplement on the Loch Leglean Tribunal introduced the concept of the Order of Odin and has some coverage of the Scandinavian invasions of the British Isles.
Ultima Thule
covered Mythic Scandinavia for 4th Edition. Introduced vitkir and Finnish wind wizards. It has a 20-page chapter on runes and rune magic.

Past Edition Covenants[edit]

Dragon and the Bear detailed 4 covenants and numerous cataclysmic plot lines. Please find below rough conversions of those covenants to 5th edition, following the destruction of Pripet Maior in a wizards war in 1234.


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