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30 pages for November

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The 30 pages for November campaign during 2016 wrapped up and the winner is....

Team Forum!!!

Congratulations to the contributors that represented both Team Forum and Team Berkeley. Scores are listed in the Scoreboard section below.

30 Pages for November 2016
Date Page
30 November Background questions
29 November Laboratory
28 November Encyclopedia
27 November Learning to Play
26 November Guardians of the Forest
25 November Dominion
24 November Regio
23 November Covenfolk
22 November Magus
21 November Essential Nature
20 November Timeline of Fifth Edition canon
19 November Peripheral Code
18 November Supernatural Virtues
17 November Realms of Power: The Divine
16 November Infernal Realm
15 November Realms of Power: The Infernal
14 November Realms of Power: Faerie
13November Realms of Power
12 November Mystery
11 November Realms of Power: Magic
10 November The Gift
09 November Mythic Europe
08 November Medieval History
07 November Houses of Hermes
06 November Order of Hermes
05 November Season
04 November Saga
03 November Character generation
02 November Covenant
01 November Faith and Flame


Andrew Gronosky proposed a friendly competition between the Berk List and the forum. Whichever team makes the most edits to the 30 pages during the month of November gains House Acclaim as giving back the most to the fan community!

Here is the scoreboard.

And briefly, the rules are:

  • The score is the net number of characters added to the relevant pages.
  • Edits count for any page in the "30 pages" project, as long as
    • The edit was made on or after the day page was announced by the Head Redcap
    • The edit was made by a registered user or the edit comment includes "team Berkeley" or "team Forum". Anonymous edits not assigned to a team don't count.
    • The edit was completed by 11:59:59 pm, Dec. 1, 2016, according to the wiki's edit history. The wiki is apparently running on GMT and we want the Australian fans to have a chance to contribute.
  • Edits by the Head Redcap don't count for either team.
  • It doesn't matter whether the edit is marked as "minor" or not. Minor edits count the same as regular.
  • Edits made to pages outside the "30 pages" are welcome and encouraged, but they don't count toward winning the competition
Final Scoreboard
Team Score
Team (Atlas Games) Forum 25,772
Team Berkeley 16,247