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The Provençal Tribunal is the Regional Tribunal covering the southern part of modern-day France, from Bordeaux on the Atlantic coast, across the northern Pyrenées, to Marseilles on the Mediterranean coast. This territory is much larger than the present-day French region called Provence, including also Languedoc and Gascony. The Provençal Tribunal is bordered by the Normandy Tribunal to the north, the Iberian Tribunal to the south, and the Greater Alps and Roman Tribunals to the east.

See the Map of Mythic Europe.

Current Edition Resources[edit]

The Provençal Tribunal is described in the Fifth Edition supplement, Faith and Flame: the Provençal Tribunal. It was the last regional Tribunal to be fully detailed in an Ars Magica supplement.[1].

Sub Rosa issue #17 contains several articles about the Provençal Tribunal: "Werewolves of Gevaudan," "Flambeau's Cave," "An Unfinished Tower: Himinis' Legacy," "The Giants of Castlenau," "The Divine of Provence: A Lost Angel," "Ruins, Rumors, and Relationships: Provençal Stories," and "Val-Negra".

Current Edition Covenants[edit]

Provençal Tribunal in Past Editions[edit]

In Second Edition[3], the Provençal Tribunal was the default setting for beginning Sagas. Several early scenarios such as Stormrider, The Broken Covenant of Calebais, and Mistridge were set there.

Part of the interest of Provençal Tribunal is the event in real history called the Albigensian Crusade. Briefly, a religious movement called the Cathar heresy spread through the region and, in the early 13th century, a crusade was called to suppress it. Through ArM3, the suggested starting date of a Saga was 1197 (not 1220 as in ArM4 and ArM5), so there was about a decade of game time before the Crusade really got started. The years leading up to the Albigensian Crusade could be a tense and interesting time for a Saga.

Covenants in Past Editions[edit]

The following covenants were mentioned in older supplements but are no longer considered part of Fifth Edition canon.

In addition, Val-Negra was a prominent covenant that continues to exist in ArM5 under the same name. Likewise, Calebais has been part of Ars Magica since First Edition.

Saga Links[edit]

The following saga websites are set in, or otherwise related to, the Provençal Tribunal. Feel free to add your own site to the list; please insert it in alphabetical order.

The annals of the Covenant of Malinbois, 1197-1241AD, located near to the city of Perpignan. This Summer Covenant has recently defeated a major demon plaguing the Val du Seraque, and is now set on rebuilding and politics. Sister site to Tumulus Tortilis (Stonehenge Tribunal).
Pont d'Ariege
The Covenant of Pont d'Ariège was founded in 1197 AD, on the lands of Baron Guy of Quérigut, who was saved by the Magi from a terrible curse he had contracted while on crusade. The Covenant is located on a small island on the river Ariège, South from the town of Tarascon-sur-Ariège, in the County of Foix.
Saga of the Mirror
Thesaurus Terrae
Villa Manlia
The Saga, based on 5th edition rules, starts in 1200 and is centered on a small Spring Covenant in the Provençal Tribunal between Pamiers and Mirepoix built on the ruins of an old Roman villa whose thermal water tap into an antique magical source. The Saga focuses on the consequences of the Crusade launched against the Cathars and tries to incorporate some genuine historical facts. The website, written in French, contains a few ready-to-play adventures, some references to historical background (books, papers, websites...) as well as some reflections on the use of legal reasoning in the interpretation of RPG rules.
La guerre du Schisme (Français)
This french saga is based on Arm5th and related a tragic and bloody episode of the order's history: the schism war. Young magi are formed in an alliance diedne at the beginning of the second millennium and must run away far in an ancient site of diedne's covenant lost in the Vercors. While they are looking for the ancients inhabitants who have mysteriously dissapear, they find themselves gradually involved in a diabolic plot that will result in the eradication of house Diedne...This blog also contains numerous play aids,links to forum, interpretations and personal rules arising from years of game experience.

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