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Rival Magic

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Rival Magic
Cover illustration for Rival Magic
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fifth
Abbreviation: RM
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author(s): Timothy Ferguson, Chris Jensen Romer, Matt Ryan, and Mark Shirley
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG0294
ISBN: 1-58978-115-5
Release date: December 2010
Format: Hardcover or PDF, 144 pages
Availability: Hardcover and PDF available

Rival Magic is the second Fifth Edition sourcebook dedicated to non-Hermetic magical traditions.

Subject and Contents[edit]

Rival Magic presents four magical traditions who pose a threat to the hegemony of the Order of Hermes. Each of the traditions is meant to be powerful enough to hold their own against the Order and be a threat to be faced in the course of a saga. They are detailed enough for characters to be created and played, even though their main role is meant to be as antagonists to the player characters.

The traditions are unrelated and often most sagas will use only one of them at most. That is the way they are meant to be used, as introducing one of these traditions is almost a saga-defining decission, and having one them as an antagonist will most probably quickly become the focus of the saga.


  1. Introduction
  2. Amazons - A tribe of warrior women to whom belonged Trianoma's twin, Viea, an ancient sorceress recently brought back from the tomb who plots agains the Order of Hermes.
  3. Augustan Brotherhood - A brotherhood of court wizards who perform magical tasks on behalf of mundane lords that magi will not do for fear of breaking the Code.
  4. Muspelli - A hedge tradition brooding in the extreme north, working hard to bring about the end of this world and the birth of one where their giant masters will rule.
  5. Sorcerers of Soqotra - A caste of natural sorcerers allied to spirits and living in an island in the Arabian Sea

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