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Realms of Power: The Divine

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Realms of Power: The Divine
Cover illustration for Realms of Power: The Divine
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fifth
Abbreviation: RoPD
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author(s): Niall Christie, Erik Dahl, Matt Ryan, Alexander White, and Mark Lawford
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG0278
ISBN: Hardcover 1-58978-075-2
Softcover 1-58978-122-8
Release date: Hardcover July 2005
Softcover June 2011
Format: Hardcover, Softcover, or PDF, 144 pages
Availability: Original is out of print
Revised edition is in print
PDF available

Realms of Power: The Divine (Revised Edition) is the ArM5 sourcebook dealing with the supernatural and mundane aspects of the Divine, especially focused on the three major religions of Mythic Judaism, Mythic Christianity, and Mythic Islam. It is the first book published in the Realms of Power series.

Subject and contents[edit]

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Throughout the book, reference is made to real historical authors and works from the contemporary timeline, or just before or after. For instance, Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela is referenced for his works (unnamed in the source book, but likely The Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela) to describe the treatment of Jews in Byzantium. That work actually provided a census and other information from Spain to Byzantium.

Page 144 provides a bibliography of modern works on the relevant subjects.

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The Revised Edition[edit]

RoPTD was originally published in July 2005. In 2009 plagiarism was found in its Judaism chapter[1]. Atlas ceased selling the book and didn't allow it to be sold as a PDF, but a new Judaism chapter was quickly written and the revised edition was published in 2011. The revised edition is available in print and PDF.

The new Judaism chapter is available as a free download on the product page at Atlas' website. Note that in addition to it, the Revised Edition also includes errata in the other chapters.

Related Products[edit]

Please note that all tribunal books will provide local information about each of the realms of power to some degree. They are not listed here unless they have a large amount of information on he subject, such as The Cradle and the Crescent has on Mythic Islam and Mythic Zoroastrianism.

Related to the Divine, the Dominion, and mortal faiths associated with the Divine[edit]

Fifth Edition[edit]

  • Art and Academe focuses on how the Western Christian Church views and treats the various educational subjects and institutions, but includes information on how the same subjects are handled by Mythic Judaism and Mythic Islam
  • The Church covers the Western Christian Church, it's organization and practices, as well as subgroups within it.
  • The Cradle and the Crescent discusses areas held by Muslim peoples and thus discusses their practices. It also dedicates a chapter to the supernatural beings known as jinn, including their place within the Islamic framework as well as potential weaknesses some may have to Islamic practices and, to a lesser degree, other religions. Another chapter is dedicated to Mythic Zoroastrianism, which expands upon the same subject in Realms of Power: The Divine.
  • The Sundered Eagle is the sourcebook that provides the most information on the Eastern Christian Church(es) as well as local manifestations of the Divine.

Fourth Edition[edit]

Realms of Power series[edit]

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  1. In a Dec 29, 2009 post on the official forum, John Nephew wrote: "To be completely honest, we learned that portions of the 4th edition supplement, Kabbalah, which were reprinted in ROP:Divine, were plagiarized. This is why neither Kabbalah nor ROP:D is available in PDF. We won't reprint or sell it in any form until the offending section is rewritten from scratch."