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Rhine Tribunal

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The Rhine Tribunal is the Regional Tribunal that includes modern-day Germany, the Low Countries, and Hungary north of the Alps. It is bordered on the east by the Novgorod Tribunal, on the south by the Transylvanian Tribunal and the Greater Alps Tribunal, and on the west by the Normandy Tribunal. See the Map of Mythic Europe.

The Rhine Tribunal is home to the famous covenant of Durenmar.

Current Edition Resources[edit]

Guardians of the Forest
The Rhine Tribunal is described in detail in its official Tribunal sourcebook.
Map of the Rhine Tribunal
The official map of the Tribunal, from Guardians of the Forest, is available for free from the Atlas Games Web site.
True Lineages reference
Houses of Hermes: True Lineages mentions a scheme by which senior magi of the Rhine Tribunal amassed excessive numbers of proxy votes[1]

Current Edition covenants[edit]

The Rhine Tribunal is a large tribunal, containing many magi residing in nine detailed covenants plus one to six storyguide-added covenants, and an undetermined number living as peregrinatores or eremites.

The covenants described in Guardians of the Forests are:

In addition, the covenant of Fanum is detailed in Fallen Fane, tribunal scenario for 12 to 24 players.

Community Resources[edit]

This fan-created spreadsheet collects the Hermetic populace of the Rhine tribunal. The spreadsheet is also available from Google Pages.
Ben Cooper's German Timeline
Ben Cooper's timeline of real history for his German saga, covering historical events in the Rhine Tribunal and important happenings from across Europe, 1220-1231.

Past Edition Resources[edit]

The covenant of Crintera is partially based on the Animal Powers chapter in Mythic Places. Note that the description of the covenant and implied House Bjornaer structure is slightly at odds with certain aspects of the House as given in Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults.

Saga links[edit]

The following Saga sites are set in, or otherwise related to, the Rhine Tribunal. Feel free to add your own site to the list; please insert it in alphabetical order.

Doomed from the Start
A Saga set near the far western edge of the Holy Roman Empire, which presumably means the Baltic coast (but could be the Mediterranean; it's hard to tell)
Nocturnus (Deutsch)
Located at the border to the Transylvanian Tribunal, the homonymous Covenant is a dark place where young magi try to establish and maintain a Spring Covenant.
The linked site offers extensive material and resources, but is in German only.
The authoritative source for historical fiction in Medieval Austria. The Rabenstein web site centers on the young covenant of Rabenstein in the Duchy of Steiermark, providing many story seeds, house rules, characters and background information of value to all Ars Magica players.
The Saga is set mostly in the Greater Alps, although Covenant Rabenstein itself is located in the Rhine Tribunal. The same troupe later went on to run the Sabratha Saga (see the Roman Tribunal links), set in Africa and then later the Corona Montis Saga (see the Stonehenge Tribunal saga links).
The Wendish Campaign/Virtusaga
A saga set in the pagan lands at the north-east of the tribunal in the 12^^th^^ century, against the background of the Wendish Crusade (a crusade against the pagan Wends of the region).
A saga set in the valleys of the Rhine/Ruhr, as well as their tributaries. Warning: The Language of this site will be a mixture of Danish, English, badly mangled Latin, and most likely misspelt German as well.
A saga based on the 4th Edition Triamore supplement. The game runs in a 'simulationist' style and over 12 years of playing we have only managed years 1219-1225.


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