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A saga is a series of related stories played by a group of Ars Magica players over several (or many) game sessions. A saga typically spans many in-game years, allowing for character development and growth. Ars Magica sagas can last over a century (in-game), covering several generations of mundanes or even magi.

In other roleplaying games, equivalent terms may be campaign or chronicle.

Many game groups have Web sites where they document their Sagas. Collecting those links is a major part of the Project Redcap mission. Links to such websites can be found on the Internet site index. Each tribunal page lists sagas particularly set in that tribunal. The Regional Tribunals page has a list of the links to each tribunal, as does the main page which also has a link to alternate settings.

Saga Considerations[edit]

5th edition and its supplements were written on the assumption your saga would start in 1220. Earlier editions assumed a start of 1190. Your choice of start date will affect the history and current affairs of the mundane world around your covenant, and may affect the availability of goods and technologies.

Saga speed is also important, reflecting how quickly or slowly you want time to pass, or indeed if you want a pulsed saga where many years pass between events covered in detail. Chapter sixteen of the Ars Magica 5th edition rulebook covers this concept.

Other important areas include amount of research, troupe-style play and availability of vis.

Non-traditional sagas[edit]

Although there is no official saga type, generally sagas will revolve around a covenant. One possible alternative to this would be a saga focused on apprentices on a itinerarium.

Saga Pages by Language[edit]


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Sagas in other languages can be found on the following pages:


A discussion topic about starting a saga is available on the Atlas Games forums by following this link: My First Saga

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