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The Hidden Paths: Shamans

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The Hidden Paths: Shamans
Cover illustration for The Hidden Paths: Shamans
Product Information
Rules Edition: Third
Abbreviation: StHP
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author(s): Sarah Link, John Snead
Publisher: White Wolf
Product Number: AG0250
ISBN: 1-56504-037-6
Release date: 1993
Format: Softcover (original)
PDF (current), 127 pages
Availability: Out of print; PDF available

The Hidden Paths: Shamans is a Third Edition Ars Magica sourcebook.

Subject and Contents[edit]

This book details a Non-Hermetic shamanic magical tradition. Shamans are found mostly in the pagan lands of the Novgorod Tribunal.

The chapter headings gives some idea of the scope --

  • Chapter One: Introduction - introduces the Sun Clan (shamans) and Moon Clan (shapechangers).
  • Chapter Two: Characters: includes Shaman Templates for Northern Traveller; Spirit Master (Hermetic Influence); Shaman within Christendom; Spirit Master (Shamanic Influence); Temple Attendant. Companion Templates are: Northern Bear Defender; House Shapechanger; Maltese Shapechanger; Dreamer; Mongol Shapechanger. Sun Clan Grog Templates are: Hunter; Tanner; Wildstender; Fisher; Craftsperson. This is followed by rules for "advanced character creation" beyond templates, Shamanic Powers, and Playing a Spirit Master: Hermetic Shamans.
  • Chapter Three: Shamanic Societies - covers Slavic Traditions, Mediterranean Traditions, and Northern Traditions.
  • Chapter Four: Outside Relations - deals with shamans roles in society, relationship with the Order of Hermes and Christendom.
  • Chapter Five: The Spirit World - travel and magic in the Spirit World. Regiones are noted as being closer to the Spirit World and it is therefore easier to travel across there.
  • Chapter Six: Bestiary of the Spirit World - Ghosts, Spirits, Genius Loci
  • Chapter Seven: Tales of the Spirit - three story seeds.


The cover was by Pam Shanteau, the interior art by Tom Dow, Jeff Menges, Josh Timbrook & Lawrence A. Williams. Layout was by Sam Chupp, Art Direction Richard Thomas. Development was Ken Cliffe, Editing Alara Rogers & Robert Hatch, Production Chris McDonough.

Community Reviews[edit]

The following reviews were collected from the original Ars Magica FAQ site. Please feel free to add your own comments below.

FAQ Rating: ** (16 reviews; 2 *, 9 **, 5 ***, 0 **\*)

  • Good book, but not very suited for Mythic Europe. With a little work, you could make up a great Mythic North America with it, though.
  • Improved in Dragon and the Bear.
  • Pretty out of place in ME.
  • Made more sense than Werewolf or Mage - unfortunately, ArM is not the World of Darkness.
  • Buy Hedge Magic instead.
  • Completely unnecessary and so out of paradigm that it stings like a mosquito bite right between your shoulder blades.
  • Pretty good guide to shamans, but smacks of American Indian shamanism.
  • Its poor fit with ME is a pity for an otherwise interesting book.
  • White Wolf's Treatment of shamanism. Interesting.
  • Beautiful, but limited use.
  • ...being non-American, I am not displeased with this source book's Amerind flavor (this brings 'exotism' into play).
  • Useful to build an Order of Odin and using Vikings in a saga.
  • One of the better treatments of shamanism in any rpg, but doesn't fit really well into Ars Magica, nor does it seem like it would be fun to use in a game.

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