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Stonehenge Tribunal

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The Stonehenge Tribunal is the regional Tribunal that includes England and Wales. It shares a land border with the Loch Leglean Tribunal and its nearest neighbors by sea are the Hibernian and Normandy Tribunals. See the Map of Mythic Europe.

Current Edition Resources[edit]

There is no Fifth Edition supplement dedicated to the Stonehenge Tribunal. However, many of the locales in Mythic Locations are particularly adaptable to this Tribunal.

Current Edition Covenants[edit]

A large Tremere covenant is alluded to in Houses of Hermes: True Lineages.[1] That covenant is not named but it could be referring to Blackthorn.

Past Edition Resources[edit]

The Fourth Edition supplement, Heirs to Merlin, describes the Stonehenge Tribunal in detail. Fourth Edition and earlier supplements are no longer considered canonical in ArM5, but Heirs to Merlin should be especially easy to adapt to Fifth Edition because it doesn't include any game statistics.

The Stonehenge Tribunal the setting for the introductory story of Antoninus of Jerbiton, which appears at the beginning of the ArM4 book.

Past Edition Covenants[edit]

The following are described in detail in Heirs to Merlin.

Saga links[edit]

The following Saga sites are set in, or otherwise related to, the Stonehenge Tribunal. Feel free to add your own site to the list; please insert it in alphabetical order.

The Appuldurcombe House
The Appuldurcombe House, of the Stonehenge Tribunal, on the Isle of Wight. A Winter Covenant struggling to be reborn into Spring, set in the early 13th Century.
Antiqua Natura
Inactive Saga formerly run by CJ Romer
Bright Sword, Blessed Hand
The Brunnaburgh Saga
The adventures of the covenant of Brunnaburgh set in the north of England, started in 1060.
Corona Montis
Domus Prawlus
The Domus Prawlus covenant is situated in Southengland, Cornwall, Prawle Point. It is under the Stonehenge Tribunal and is a spring covenant.
Drevlan's Ridge
Fall and Rise of Exeter
The tale of the Exeter Covenant, on the untamed fringes of the Stonehenge Tribunal. This old Winter Covenant is reborn into Spring
Flamma Aeterna
An Autumn covenant in Cumbria, using Fourth Edition rules.
Hardwick Manor
Hardwick Manor is a Companion centered Ars Magica 5th edition saga set in England during the generation following the Norman Conquest.
L'Ecume d'Argent
Llyn Brenig
A spring covenant in 12th century Wales. Contains characters, covenant and saga. Converted to Ars Magica fifth edition rules in 2010.
The London Chapter
The London Chapter, common name for the secret covenant of Domus Optimus. A saga set in 15th Century London in the declining years of The Order.
The Midnight Saga
Set in a Mythic Europe awaiting the End Times. Turns out to be a sequel (of sorts) to the Twilight Saga.
Lux Maris Saga
Lux Maris, or 'Light of the Sea', is a saga and the name of the covenant founded on the Dorset coast in England in 1220. It is the newest covenant in the Stonehenge Tribunal, created to find and explore the ruins of Calebais, a covenant destroyed under mysterious circumstances in 1170.
Mons Obscurus
New Loth
Link not working, Oct. 2012 New Loth´s Covenant, placed in the magic and hidden lands of Wales. In a wild zone where prevails the power, the magic, the dominion,... New Loth is placed in Wales, in the county of Pembrokeshire, and belongs to Tribunal of Stonehenge.
On the Hedge
A low-magic (Arts as Abilities) saga about the covenant of Camerton, near Glostonbury abbey.
Sabrina's Rest
A Fifth Edition sample covenant (not a complete Saga) designed by Timothy Ferguson and others, suitable for beginning or experience players. It is also available as a pdf, free online from this location.
Severn Temple
A 13th Century Summer covenant set in the Forest of Dean with over 160 years of in-game history.
A Fifth Edition Saga set in England at the end of the twelfth century
A Tale of Two Covenants
Two sagas running concurrently under the same GM under 5th Ed, set in a non-canon Stonehenge tribunal with two seperate covenants. One player requested Diabolists, Diedne and politics, so far he's yet to be disappointed.
Teml ar Fryn
A Spring covenant in 9th century Wales.

Link redirect to virus - August 2017: Turris Nebulae is a new spring covenant located in western Wales, near Cardigan, set at the begining of the 13th century.

The Twilight Saga
3rd/4th edition saga that ended with the awakening of an elder god of pagan origin.

External links[edit]

The following non-Saga sites are set in, or otherwise related to, the Stonehenge Tribunal. Feel free to add your own site to the list; please insert it in alphabetical order.

  • - Open Domesday is a free online copy of the Domesday Book, an impressive demographic and economic survey made in 1086 of much of England and part of Wales. For centuries, and to some extent even today, it has been an exceedingly useful resource for estimating population levels and economic activity in Great Britain.


  1. Houses of Hermes: True Lineages, page 115, "Coeris" (inset)

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