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The Sundered Eagle: the Theban Tribunal

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The Sundered Eagle: the Theban Tribunal is a Fifth Edition Tribunal book, the first ever to detail the Theban Tribunal.

The Sundered Eagle: the Theban Tribunal
Cover illustration for The Sundered Eagle: the Theban Tribunal
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fifth
Abbreviation: tSE
Product Type: Tribunal book
Author(s): Chris Jensen-Romer, Matt Ryan, Mark Shirley, Andrew Smith
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG0295
ISBN: 1-58978-116-3
Release date: August 2010
Format: Hardcover, 144 pages
Availability: In print, PDF available

Subject and Contents[edit]

The Table of Contents for this book is online as is a timeline.

This book portrays the Theban Tribunal as rich in magical resources, both raw vis and ancient lore.[1] The Tribunal has many nature spirits and other supernatural denizens, and a deep connection to the magic of classical antiquity.

Compared to some other Tribunal books, this supplement has a comparatively brief treatment of hedge wizards.[2]

Opinion and Reviews[edit]

What This Book Will Add to Your Saga[edit]

Greece is a wonderful setting for mystical atmosphere. Your magi may want to visit the Theban Tribunal to investigate its magical secrets, perhaps as Seekers or as initiates into a Mystery Cult. Similarly, the great city of Constantinople is a natural destination for magi. Even if your magi live in a distant Tribunal, there are plenty of in-character reasons for them to visit the Tribunal of Thebes.

This Book Might Not Fit Your Game If ...[edit]

The Theban Tribunal is a lot different from Western Europe. The cultural differences might make seem too "foreign" for some Troupes' liking.

Reviews and Comments[edit]

Please add your own comments about the book.

The mystical coverage of this book is satisfying. It's nice to see each of the four Realms getting explicit treatment. --Andrew Gronosky


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