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Tribunals of Hermes: Rome

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Trbunals of Hermes: Rome
Cover illustration for Trbunals of Hermes: Rome
Product Information
Rules Edition: Third Edition
Abbreviation: ToHR
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author(s): Shannon Appel and Chris Frerking
Publisher: White Wolf
Release date: 1993
Format: Softcover, 124 pages
Availability: Out of print, PDF available

Tribunals of Hermes: Rome is a Third Edition supplement for Ars Magica describing the Roman Tribunal.

Subject and Contents[edit]

The book presents the Roman Tribunal as highly politicized. Like many ArM3 supplements by White Wolf, it is chock full of demons: several of the covenants have diabolist members and at least one consists entirely of devil-worshipers.

The book is fairly light on Real History but does contain some interesting tidbits, such as the "magician" Pope Sylvester II.

Much emphasis is placed on the Tribunal's larger covenants and their political and commercial relations with mundanes -- and their corresponding rivalries.

This version of the Roman Tribunal features Venice as city neutral in Hermetic politics: it lies outside the influence of any covenant, and magi of the Tribunal use it as a place to meet, transact business, and spy on one another.

Covenants Described[edit]

Community Reviews[edit]

The following reviews were collected from the original Ars Magica FAQ site:

FAQ Rating: ** (15 reviews; 3 *, 7 **, 4 ***, 1 ****)

  • A lot more could have been done with this book, but it had to wait for The Mysteries. Instead of a seamless tapestry we are treated to a disjointed series of chapters and ideas.
  • Booo, I am a Demon!
  • Dull, and full of Demons.
  • The Third Edition requirement for dark themes, Corruption in this case, makes this book difficult to use, and prevents anyone else writing an Italian guide.
  • Good presentation of the Roman Tribunal, darkened by editorial mismanagement.
  • Not that bad a depiction of a very political tribunal if you ignore most of the demons.
  • Great ideas,nice done job. Tasted like Sagas which have been played for a long time by numerous players who enjoyed them.
  • Interesting history, but a little too much politics for my taste.
  • Details how the demons corrupts the Church and country.
  • At the behest of Ken Cliffe, many demons were included in this, and the authors tried to make it work, but it comes off just too diabolical in some ways. Lots of interesting ideas, though.
  • Terrific bits on backstabbing, conniving magi. Get rid of the parenthetical comments which amount to, "demons, demons everywhere!", and this is a fine supplement.
  • Bad, very bad. If you remove the demons the politics makes for some good hooks, needs lots of work.

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