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Wizard's Grimoire

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This page is about the original Wizard's Grimoire for Third Edition. For other versions of this supplement, see the Related Links section, below.

The Wizard's Grimoire
Cover illustration for The Wizard's Grimoire
Product Information
Rules Edition: Third
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author(s): Ken Cliffe
Publisher: White Wolf
Product Number: WW0660
ISBN: 1565040635
Release date: 1993
Format: Softcover, 176 pages
Availability: Out of print

The Wizard's Grimoire is a Third Edition Ars Magica supplement about Hermetic magic, offering expanded rules for magi.

Subject and Contents[edit]

The Wizard's Grimoire contains many new spells, Virtues and Flaws, and laboratory options for ArM3, as well as information on Hermetic law and society.

Several of the spells and Virtues and Flaws were complied from earlier Third Edition supplements, but there is plenty of original material as well.

This book has been superseded by the Wizards Grimoire Revised Edition.

Community Reviews[edit]

The following reviews were collected from the previous Ars Magica FAQ site:

FAQ Rating: *** (17 reviews; 2 *, 8 **, 5 ***, 3 ****)

  • Good and bad things bounded together.
  • New gadgets and toys, pretty unorganized. Not too interesting.
  • Worthless, given the release of the Revised edition.
  • Great at the time, very little that isn't in the revised.
  • Very Nice. Lots of cool new stuff
  • Despite the Hype, it's a good book, but NOT the most important for playing ArM. The best additions are the faerie spells, about 50% of the Hermetic spells are flawed or out of paradigm.
  • The best 3rd-Ed supplement so far. Although the spells need some debugging, the ideas and rules are overwhelming. Give color to your labs and libraries
  • Good ideas for ruling at Tribunals.
  • Really hit-or-miss sourcebook. Every troupe should vote on each idea before allowing it.
  • As a compendium of House Rules, it's interesting reading. It's probably of limited usefulness to most people; the laboratory and book rules, as well as the sections on the Peripheral Code, are the most worthwhile.
  • Good, but overpowered.

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