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Exertion is a combat option included in the Fifth Edition combat rules. Essentially, a character can choose to fight extra hard, expending a Fatigue Level in exchange for a temporary bonus to Attack or Defense (but not both).

Exertion and Confidence[edit]

It is possible to use Exertion and to spend Confidence in the same round. A character could choose to use both his Confidence bonus and his Exertion bonus on the same total (for example, Attack) or on different ones.

Exertion Replaces Fourth Edition Combat Options[edit]

Exertion is the ArM5 rule that performs the function of three different combat options from ArM4:

  • All-Out Attack
  • All-Out Defense
  • Charging

There are in particular no specific ArM5 rules for charging, because tactical movement rules are omitted from the main rule book. One could think of charging as using Exertion for Attack and moving at the same time.


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