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One of the goals of Project: Redcap is to serve as a guide and companion to the game. To this end, we have written many pages that explain, elaborate on, or comment on the content of the rule books. It is intended as a convenient reference and a way for players to share their ideas and experiences, not as an online replacement for Ars Magica products.


See Special:Categories for a list of categories. Some of the more extensive categories are expanded below.

Playing Ars Magica[edit]

We have a page for beginners about Learning to Play.

We also have articles written for players of any experience level, such as:

Mythic Europe[edit]

The default setting of Ars Magica is Mythic Europe, a world much like historical 13th-century Europe as medieval Europeans believed it to be.

Order of Hermes[edit]

The Order of Hermes is a complex organization, with its own politics, traditions, and laws.

Hermetic society
provides an overview of Hermetic society
Hermetic law
gives an overview of the legal system of the Order, including the Code of Hermes and the Peripheral Code
Houses of Hermes
gives references and supplemental information on the twelve Houses into which magi divide themselves
Regional Tribunals
lists the thirteen Tribunals of the Order, each of which has its own page with links to sagas set in that Tribunal
History of the Order of Hermes
Please see the timeline of Fifth Edition canon

Rules Reference[edit]

We have many pages that shed light on the game rules, by providing additional examples, commentaries on how (and when) to apply the rules, and unofficial, alternative rules.

Frequently-Asked Questions[edit]

The fans maintain a list of frequently-asked questions, which tend to concentrate on tricky aspects of the rules.

House Rules[edit]

We have an extensive list of house rules, which are unofficial, players invent to supplement or replace certain official rules in their games. See also house rules links.

Hermetic Magic[edit]

Magic Resistance
explains how Magic Resistance works


The Paraphernalia page lists both official and unofficial aids.

Fan-created Material[edit]

We welcome players to contribute short pages about specific topics, such creatures and covenants other players can easily import into their games. For larger collections of information, like the notes for a whole saga, it's better to create a Web page on another site and link it to our Internet site index.

The Category:Fan-created page lists the fan-created resources we have. Some of the better-developed ones include:

Legacy Page[edit]

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