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Note: If you are looking for the Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) project, it is located at

Project: Redcap is a fan site for the tabletop roleplaying game Ars Magica. It has has two related goals:

  1. Provide a centralized place to where visitors can browse and find links to as much Ars Magica material as possible, in as many languages as possible. We want to be, as the site's creator put it, "the crossroads of the Order." We want to link to everything related to Ars Magica, without passing judgment on the importance or quality of the material.
  2. Be a guide and companion for the rules and game world of Ars Magica, providing useful rules summaries, examples, and commentaries on topics from across the game's extensive product line.

For more information about the project itself, please see Project Redcap:About.


Project: Redcap is a site by and for the Ars Magica fan community. If you are a new visitor, this main page is a starting point for browsing.

This site is a Wiki. We welcome contributions from Ars Magica players and fans of all levels of experience. If you know of an Ars Magica-related Web site that is not listed here, please add a link to it; or contact us and a maintainer will add it for you.

See Help:Getting Started for an introduction to using and contributing to Project: Redcap.

About Ars Magica[edit]

Ars Magica is a pen and paper roleplaying game focused on wizards and magic. The game setting, Mythic Europe, is much like historical Europe of the 13th century, but where wizards, dragons, and faeries exist.

While the game is grounded in real history, the magic in Ars Magica is fictitious. The game has nothing to do with purported phenomena, beliefs, or practices related to the occult. It draws instead on modern ideas of fantastic fiction, flavored with some authentic medieval beliefs and folklore.

Magic and wizards are central to the game. Ars Magica's rules for magic are very broad and flexible, enabling wizards (called magi) to make up original spells on the spur of the moment, enchant powerful magical items, bind familiars, brew potions, and more. The quest for magical knowledge is designed into the game, so reading arcane tomes and experimenting in the laboratory can be as important to a magus's career as are exploring ruins and battling dragons.

Ars Magica was first published in 1987 and is currently in its Fifth Edition.

Learning to Play[edit]

Our Welcome to Ars Magica page is a good place to start if you are new or returning to the game.

The Arcane Connection (podcast) Episode 1: Why play Ars Magica? gives an explanation of the game to newcomers.

Frequently-Asked Questions[edit]

Project: Redcap is also home to the Ars Magica FAQ, which explains many of the subtleties of the rules and the Mythic Europe setting, as well as an increasing amount of tribal lore about the fan community.

Ars Magica veterans may prefer to jump directly to the FAQ category index.

Internet Resources for Ars Magica[edit]

Our Internet Site Index attempts to assemble links to as many Ars Magica resources as possible, in any language.

The Official Ars Magica Web site is hosted by the game's publisher, Atlas Games.

Many fan sites relate to individual Sagas, which we categorize by Tribunal.

Saga Links[edit]

Most fan-created Web pages for Ars Magica are about players' individual sagas. Links to those pages are organized by Tribunal:

Greater Alps | Hibernia | Iberia | Levant | Loch Leglean | Normandy | Novgorod | Provençal | Rhine | Rome | Stonehenge | Thebes | Transylvania | Alternate Settings

Rules and Setting Reference[edit]

Project: Redcap's second goal is to develop an online encyclopedia of the ever-expanding Ars Magica universe. Some useful starting points are:

Language: English  • català • dansk • Deutsch • español • suomi • français • italiano • 日本語 • norsk bokmål • polski • português • svenska