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Normandy Tribunal

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The Normandy Tribunal is the Regional Tribunal whose territory includes most of modern-day France, plus the Low Countries. In the 13th century, the Normandy Tribunal encompasses the duchies of Normandy, Brittany, and Burgundy, most of the Duchy of Aquitaine, the counties of Flanders, Anjou, and Champagne, the regions of Picardy and Île de France, and portions of the Lorraine. The Normandy Tribunal is bordered by the Provençal Tribunal to the south, the Greater Alps Tribunal to the southeast, and the Rhine Tribunal to the east. See the Map of Mythic Europe.

Tribunal style[edit]

As presented in the Fifth Edition supplement dedicated to the tribunal, The Lion and the Lily, the tribunal's environment incorporates feudalism and romanticism in it's political and social structure, the feudal relationship that characterizes the tribunal is between covenants, not magi. It is presented as having very liberal rulings regarding mundane interference, and its Peripheral Code does not prevent raiding of mundane resources between covenants. One distinguishing characteristic is the tribunals' Hermetic Tourney, which takes place immediately following the official tribunal meetings.

The present day tribunal's nature is a product of mundane historical, cultural, and literary developments, such as the romances, as well as the effects left over by the Schism War.

Current Edition Covenants[edit]

The Lion and the Lily lists a number of covenants in the Normandy Tribunal, but explicitly states that the list is not meant to be exhaustive.[1]

Canonical current magi of the tribunal[edit]

The magi listed here are described, to some degree, in Fifth Edition products as being alive in 1220 AD.

Saga Links[edit]

The following saga websites are set in, or otherwise related to, the Normandy Tribunal. Feel free to add your own site to the list; please insert it in alphabetical order.

Amnis Mirabilis
La Combe à la Serpent (Français)
Crypta Venatus
The Covenant of St. Nerius
Located in a monastery in northern France, this covenant centered around the sainted member of the order, Nerius. Logs of the complete run. Set in the same universe as the later Vardian's Tomb campaign.
Ordo Tapisum (Français)
Located in Tinténiac, near Rennes in Brittany, it was founded by a handful of newly gauntleted magi from different houses. Until then they have had to deal with Tytalian schemes, faeries, demons...
La Roche Caribet
The recent meeting of the Normandy Tribunal at Mummolides authorised the foundation of a new Covenant and the three founders settled on a site previously discovered by Thomas scholæ Merinitæ. The Covenant has since been entered formally into the rolls of the Normandy Tribunal as Saxum Caribetum, or vulgarly "La Roche Caribet". Maintained by Neil Taylor.
Novus Mane
Shadows of Normandy
A Brazilian Portuguese Saga based on Normandy.


Current Edition Resources[edit]

Of course the main resource is The Lion and the Lily. Houses of Hermes: Societates can be useful since it covers houses and traditions that have large followings or central enclaves- House Flambeau, House Tyalus, and the Donatores Requietis Aeternae tradition within House Ex Miscellanea.

Past Edition Resources[edit]

The Normandy Tribunal section of the Second Edition source book Order of Hermes noted that the tribunal contained Fudarus plus eleven other covenants. In the House Tytalus section of the same work, it was noted that Fudarus had little influence, as in that edition, the house was significantly smaller.

Legacy Page[edit]

The history of this page before February 20, 2012 is located at Legacy:normandy_tribunal and Legacy:normandy_sagas.


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