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House Flambeau

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House Flambeau
Motto "Ad mortem incurramus."
(We charge unto death)
Symbol Angular hourglas
Primus Garus of Flambeau
Domus Magna Castra Solis

House Flambeau is one of the twelve Houses in the Order of Hermes, with aggressive and ferocious magi specializing in combat magic. In Ars Magica Fifth Edition the canonic house is described in Houses of Hermes: Societates.

The canonic depiction of the House was criticized for its portrayal of the Founder Flambeau, which sought to soften the more violent and wild figure from prior editions. It was equally commended for providing a vision of magi pursuing ideals of chivalry, far beyond the stereotypical violent magi of old.

HoHS introduced the idea of Milites modeled after knightly orders, as well as offering other "Societas Flambonis" and Flambeau archetypes that range from crusaders to orators. It also introduced a system of House Acclaim that rewards magical heroic or martial achievements, especially in the Flambeau Tournaments.

Core Flambeau magi receive the free virtue Puissant Art in Ignem or Perdo. HoHS suggests, as an optional rule, allowing some Flambeau magi access to other virtues, to represent different Schools of magical combat.

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  • The core description of the House is on ArM5 page 11.
  • The full canonic depiction is given on HoHMC 6-38.

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