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Flambeau the Founder

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One of the Founders of the Order of Hermes, and the founder of House Flambeau. Flambeau is perhaps one of the more interesting and colorful of the Founders, a devout Christian yet violent magus. His Fifth Edition biography is described in HoHMC 6-10.

Flambeau's talisman was Fireheart. It is currently lost to his House and the Order.

Among his filii were Apromor, the first primus of the house, and Elaine, a scholar who was mor true to Flambeau's teachings than Apromor.

The Fifth Edition version of Flambeau was criticized for presenting a more mellow and peaceful Founder. No longer is Flambeau issuing bellows of "Join or die!" across Mythic Europe, and even his death has been mitigated from a glorious death in battle to (probably) either failed peace-delegation or monastic seclusion. This has created quite a fervor in the Ars community, although many dismiss these concerns.