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Loch Leglean Tribunal

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The Loch Leglean Tribunal is the Regional Tribunal covering Scotland. It shares a land border with the Stonehenge Tribunal to the south and communicates with the Hibernian Tribunal by way of the Irish Sea. Iceland and Norway, both considered parts of the Novgorod Tribunal, are also connected by sea to Scotland. See the Map of Mythic Europe.

Current Edition resources[edit]

Detailed Fifth Edition rules for gruagachan, the popular non-Hermetic Scottish shapeshifters, are found in Hedge Magic Revised Edition[1].

Past Edition Resources[edit]

The Loch Leglean Tribunal was detailed in the Third Edition supplement, Lion of the North.

Saga links[edit]

The following saga websites are set in, or otherwise related to, the Loch Leglean Tribunal. Feel free to add your own site to the list; please insert it in alphabetical order.

An t-Earreach
A 4th Edition Saga, now in hiatus.
Ascendency of the Warp
based in northern Scotland in the Storm Watch covenant during a sudden magical upheaval.
Canaries Are Dying
Insula Canaria, one of the older Covenants in the Loch Leglean Tribunal, has unfortunately fallen on hard times the past few years. The three remaining elder magi of the Covenant, suddenly cognizant of the dire straits they find themselves in, have sent out a call for fresh blood. It is their hope that this fresh blood, with the guidance and mentoring of the Elders, will be able to pull the covenant back from the brink of collapse. There may still be a future for Insula Canaria; if there is, it lies in the hands of the new magi.
Clach na Tiompan
The game is set in C12th Scotland, and it is currently Summer 1131. The players are based at Clach na Tiompan covenant near Loch Earn [nearest city is Stirling]. The covenant was founded in Winter 1127 by Lycus and Domnhull. It is now a thriving community in its own right.
Insula Maledictus
The Lion & the Mouse
Set in the Loch Leglean Tribunal, "The Lion & the Mouse" chronicles one peasant family's struggle to survive Mythic Scotland (1195-1200).
Loch Croig Glen
The Covenant of Loch Croig Glen ("Lake Croig Valley") is located in the Highlands, on the west coast of Scotland, approximatively between the island of Skye and mount Ben Nevis, on the other side of the Great Glen. It was founded in 1220 AD, with the help of two senior magi from the Covenant of Ballymeanoch. They sent their last apprentices to Loch Croig Glen, pursuing an unknown scheme..
Vidua Vasta


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