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Hedge Magic Revised Edition

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Hedge Magic Revised Edition
Cover illustration for Hedge Magic Revised Edition
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fifth
Abbreviation: HMRE
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author(s): Erik Dahl, Timothy Ferguson, Richard Love, John Post
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG0289
ISBN: 1-58978-104-X
Release date: November 2008
Format: Hardcover or PDF, 144 pages
Availability: Hardcover and PDF available

Hedge Magic Revised Edition is the first Fifth Edition sourcebook dedicated to non-Hermetic magical traditions. It updates and supersedes the Fourth Edition supplement, Hedge Magic.

Subject and Contents[edit]

This book describes a number of traditions of hedge wizards. In addition to several entirely new traditions, two popular traditions from ArM3 and ArM4, the Gruagachan and Scandinavian rune wizards, are revised for Fifth Edition game mechanics.

Hedge Magic Revised Edition also discusses the often tense relations between non-Hermetic wizards and the Order of Hermes, including practical advice on how to play hedge wizards alongside magi in your Saga.

The emphasis is on magicians who know only their native tradition of magic and can't use Hermetic Magic at all. For rules on hedge wizards who have joined the Order of Hermes, see the House Ex Miscellanea chapter of Houses of Hermes: Societates.


The following traditions of hedge magic are described in Hedge Magic, Revised Edition:

Order of Odin[edit]

This book contains a brief insert on the Order of Odin on page 121. The Order of Odin is also mentioned in Guardians of the Forest.

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Fourth Edition[edit]

Fifth Edition[edit]

  • Ancient Magic details lost magical traditions, practices, and powers. These would generally be considered more powerful and would be more respected than traditions magi consider to be hedge magic.
  • Realms of Power: Magic
  • Houses of Hermes: Societates provides hedge traditions and powers that have to some degree been preserved by magi that converted to Hermetic Magic, though such powers are not usually incorporated into Hermetic theory itself.
  • Rival Magic details four more non-Hermetic Traditions.

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