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Project: Redcap serves the international community of Ars Magica players and seeks to include resources in as many languages as possible.

Most of the pages on this site are written in English. Support for other languages is through the Languages template.

Adding Content in Your Language[edit]

We do not need, or expect, people to translate every page of this Wiki.

What is much more important is to create pages that explain Ars Magica in your language and include links to Web sites and resources in your language.

The best way to start is to make an alternate version of the Main Page in your language. I say "alternate version," not "translation." You do not need to translate all the content of the main page. Instead, write about what you think is important to visitors who speak your language: maybe what Ars Magica web sites are written in their language, where to get Ars Magica products in that language, and where to find other players.

At its heart, Project: Redcap is an online community center for players. Please make your language page a community center for players who speak that language.


For instructions on adding a page in another language, please see Help:Languages

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