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The Levant Tribunal is the Regional Tribunal covering the Crusader States in Asia Minor: Antioch, Jerusalem, and Tripoli, as well as the adjacent lands such as Syria, Edessa, and Egypt. It is a borderland of the order, adjacent only to the Thebes Tribunal to the northwest. Lands to the east and South are outside the territory of the Order of Hermes.

Current Edition Resources[edit]

Official products[edit]

There are no Fifth Edition supplements dealing explicitly with the Levant Tribunal. However, there is related material:

Sub Rosa articles[edit]

Sub Rosa is an ongoing fanzine. It is not independent of Atlas Games, but it's contributors include authors who have also contributed to official products and is high-quality production featuring professional-quality editing, layout, and artwork.

  • Covenant Locations: Masada by Ben McFarland starting on page 9 of Issue 1 (Sept. 2007) was the first in a series that gave covenant ideas for starting covenants. In this article, Ben fleshed out a site in a former palace of King Herod in the Levant Tribunal.
  • The Knights Templar or The Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon (article title varies between the table of contents and the article itself) by Alex White starting on page 18 of Issue 1 is the first of a five part series in which Alex presents the Knights Templar. In this installment, he gives the real history of this order, including, of course, their participation in the Crusades and role in this tribunal. Later installments will present the knights as they might be in Mythic Europe.

Past Edition Resources[edit]

The Levant Tribunal is described in the Fourth Edition supplement, Blood and Sand.

The Second Edition sourcebook Order of Hermes contains a brief description of the Levant Tribunal on page 48.

Saga Links[edit]

The following saga websites are set in, or otherwise related to, the Levant Tribunal. Feel free to add your own site to the list; please insert it in alphabetical order.

Covenant of the Spear
An Ars Magica 5th Edition saga. The covenant is set in Armenia, starting in 1214. The website is a wiki, containing both the background information for the saga, and the chronicles of the saga. Although a 5th edition saga much of the background information is derived from 4th edition sourcebooks.


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