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In addition to the commercial products, there are plenty of other things that can improve your Ars Magica gaming experience. This page attempts to locate such items.


The most common of all paraphernalia offered for Ars Magica, these include both sheets intended to be printed out and spreadsheets intended to be tinkered with.


There are plenty of things online that can improve your Ars Magica game.

  • This site. See the Overview page for an overview of what it offers.
  • Other sites. See the Internet Site Index for an overview of what the net has to offer.
  • General Roleplaying Links, for sites not related for Ars Magica but useful to any roleplaying game.
  • See Real History for links to sources on real-world history.
  • Whimsy Cards are a no longer available product, but can be made whole cloth on your own.

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