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Mythic Seas

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The Mythic Seas
Cover illustration for The Mythic Seas
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fourth
Abbreviation: MS
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author(s): Alan Smithee and Roderick Robertson
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG0259
ISBN: 1-887801-69-3
Release date: 1998
Format: Softcover or PDF, 96 pages
Availability: Out of print; PDF available

The Mythic Seas by Alan Smithee and Roderick Robertson is a Fourth Edition supplement about ships, sailing, and the sea.

Player Reviews[edit]

Until about 2005, the original Ars Magica FAQ site solicited reviews of Ars Magica products from the community. The online review submission form is no longer available, but please feel free to edit this page to add your own comments. A synopsis of the survey results for this book is:

FAQ Rating: * (13 reviews; 9 *, 4 \*\*, 0 \*\*\*, 0 \*\*\*\*)

  • A missed opportunity. The subject deserved a much better treatment.
  • The seas are apparently not all that Mythic. Constant first person interludes don't add much. A few interesting spells but otherwise a rather vanilla treatment.
  • A decent treatment, though dull at times.
  • A book set in a distant wilderness where there are no other objects.
  • Not very necessary for a storyguide.
  • Utilitarian and important if you're going to be spending a lot of time in and around ships. Seems to lack focus and organization, and has an unnecessary and distracting fiction element.
  • If there was a lower ranking it would get it. Very bad - avoid.
  • Haven't found a use for it yet.

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