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Multiple Casting

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Multiple Casting is an ArM5 mastered spell special ability that lets a magus cast the spell several times at once. This allows the caster to affect multiple targets in a single combat round.

The wording of the rules is a little unclear about exactly how many versions of the spell a magus may cast. Consider the following to be errata:

Multiple Casting (p. 87): Replace the the last sentence of the first paragraph with "You may cast a number of additional copies of the spell equal to or less than your Mastery Score."

--David Chart, Berkeley Ars Magica List, 17 Oct. 2005

So if your mastery score is 2 and you have the Multiple Casting special ability, you could cast up to 3 instances of the spell simultaneously: the original plus two additional copies.

The reason this is a Frequently-Asked Question is that the above errata were not corrected until several months after ArM5 was published.


  • ArM5, page 87