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Mythic Europe Book

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Mythic Europe
Cover illustration for Mythic Europe
Product Information
Rules Edition: Third
Abbreviation: ME
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author(s): Roderick Robertson and Curtis Scott
Publisher: White Wolf
Product Number: AG0600
ISBN: 1-56504-028-7
Release date: 1992
Format: Softcover, 184 pages
Availability: Out of print; PDF Available

Mythic Europe is an Ars Magica supplement about the official setting.

Subject and Contents[edit]

Mythic Europe is a gazetteer describing the setting of Mythic Europe location by location. Kingdoms, counties, provinces, and major cities are all described (though no one location receives great detail). The emphasis is on characterizing each area and providing a few interesting historical or legendary details about it.

There are also overview chapters about major subject: medieval society, the Mythic Church, and the Crusades.

In spite of this book's title, it contains a healthy dose of Real History. It is almost entirely a background book: it contains few, if any, game statistics.

Table of Contents[edit]

  • Early History of Mythic Europe | 9
  • Society (Chapter 2) | 15
  • The Church (Chapter 3) | 27
  • The Crusades (Chapter 4) | 47
  • Iberian Peninsula (Chapter 5) | 55
  • British Isles (Chapter 6) | 67
  • France (Chapter 7) | 79
  • Northern Mythic Europe (Chapter 8) | 91
  • Eastern Mythic Europe (Chapter 9) | 107
  • Italy (Chapter 10) | 117
  • Eastern Empires (Chapter 11) | 133
  • Islam (Chapter 12) | 147
  • Appendix A: Timeline of Rulers | 157
  • Appendix B: Timeline of Popes | 162

In case you're wondering what happened to the Holy Roman Empire, it's in the "Northern Mythic Europe" chapter (and in fact occupies most of that chapter).

Community Reviews[edit]

The following reviews were collected from the original Ars Magica FAQ site:

FAQ Rating: \*\* (18 reviews; 3 *, 11 \*\*, 3 \*\*\*, 1 \*\*\*\*)

  • A quick-reference compendium that's probably most useful for those who don't know much about history. Suffers from a failure to separate what's historical fact and what's Ars Magica fiction, as well as poor editing.
  • Too many shortly described things
  • An okay overview, though inaccurate (or wrong) at times.
  • A general guide to the setting of Mythic Europe. More fantastic than the line has trended, but chock-full of story ideas and hooks. The historical basis is lacking.
  • An OK primer if you don't have a history degree.
  • Boring. History and geography are readily available in the local library. Where was the bleedin' MYTH?
  • Has some good ideas, but most are things you could find in any good reference book.
  • I've not found a lot of interest in it as I didn't learn a lot from it.
  • Probably the most widely useful supplement for ArM3 but doesn't quite measure up to Order of Hermes.
  • Interesting geographical and societal info on Mythic Europe, but the lack of maps reduces its value.
  • The book gives a good overview, but it covers the lands too shortly.
  • Badly stored index of the European history.
  • Lots of interesting tidbits about lots of different places, without enough information on any one place to establish an entire saga.
  • Beurgh. I want my money back.

Please edit this page to add your own comments about this book.

  • Probably most useful for newcomers who want to enjoy Mythic Europe but aren't interested in reading a lot of Real History. Long on history and short on myth in my opinion. Has an extensive index: a feature regrettably lacking from later ArM supplements. Most of the material is still relevant even though canon was restarted with ArM5. - Andrew Gronosky

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