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White Wolf Game Studio is a game company co-founded by Mark Rein·Hagen, one of the original co-authors of Ars Magica, and magazine publisher Stewart Wieck. White Wolf published Ars Magica from 1990 to 1993, taking over stewardship of the game after Lion Rampant closed its doors.

White Wolf Game Studio is still in business and publishes a very popular line of roleplaying games called the World of Darkness, as well as other games.

Ars Magica Products Published by White Wolf Game Studio[edit]

White Wolf had a distinctive tone they worked into all their Ars Magica products, which is rather different from later products published by Atlas Games. Critics say that White Wolf portrayed Mythic Europe as a very dark setting with too many demons and too much corruption. On the other hand, some players like White Wolf products for their generally strong emphasis on story and role-playing.

All of White Wolf's Ars Magica products were written for ArM2 or ArM3.

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