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Medieval Bestiary

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Medieval Bestiary
Cover illustration for Medieval Bestiary
Product Information
Rules Edition: Revised
Abbreviation: MB
Product Type: Sourcebook
Author(s): Tim Carroll, Ken Cliffe
Publisher: White Wolf
Product Number: WW1017
ISBN: 1-56504-009-0
Release date: 1991
Format: Softcover, 128 pages
Availability: Out of print


The Medieval Bestiary is a sourcebook for Ars Magica Third Edition covering animals, both supernatural and mundane.

Being a Second Edition Sourcebook that has since been revised for Fourth Edition (and arguably Fifth Edition as well), it is now difficult to find and probably quite obsolete. As of September 2014 it does not seem to be available for sale in PDF form, either.

See also[edit]

  • The book's RPGNet Index page contains one review for the Revised Edition (fairly unrelated to this book - see above) and one comment (as of 18 July 2013).