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Book of Mundane Beasts

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The Book of Mundane Beasts is an official ArM5 supplement, available as a free PDF download from the Atlas Games Web site. It contains statistics for the following mundane beasts:
  • Adder
  • Bear
  • Boar
  • Bull
  • Cat
  • Falcon
  • Horse (courser and destrier)
  • Hound
  • Lion
  • Stag
  • Wolf

An exact copy of the Book of Mundane Beasts was included as an appendix in Realms of Power: Magic.


The Book of Mundane Beasts: [1]


The ArM5 rule book does not contain statistics for any mundane beasts. It does have a Bestiary chapter, but that chapter is a bit shorter than in previous editions. While discussion in the Fan Community indicated that Fifth Edition was very well-received, one persistent criticism was that statistics for animals were lacking. This made it hard for player of Bjornaer magi, for instance, or those whose characters have an Animal Companion.

In response to the fan community, Atlas Games produced the Book of Mundane Beasts and made it available free of charge.

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