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Mistridge is an Ars Magica supplement describing a complete covenant and its environs.

Rules Edition: ArM3 Author(s): Kevin Hassal Publisher: White Wolf Game Studio Release Date: 1992 Format: Softcover, 128 pages Availability: Out of print; electronic version available

Subject and Contents[edit]

This supplement for Ars Magica describes Mistridge covenant and its members in detail. Mistridge and its residents are used in the examples throughout the ArM2 and ArM3 rule books. This supplement expands on those examples to present a complete covenant, ready for beginning players to use as the setting of their Sagas.

Community Reviews[edit]

The following reviews were collected from the original Ars Magica FAQ site:

FAQ Rating: \*\* (13 reviews; 9 \*, 2 \*\*, 0 \*\*\*, 2 \*\*\*\*)

  • Presentation of a dark, depressing covenant, using ugly art to convey just how unpleasant life in the middle ages was. The covenant is populated by sick, twisted magi who fail to evoke any sympathy, and they're the good guys!
  • Very nice ideas; easy to take individual story-bits and tailor them to the chronicle setting. Engaging magus descriptions, and history of the covenant.
  • No interest at all. Completely empty. Maybe for newcomers?
  • Specifically contradicts previous material, magi are poorly designed, the covenant isn't even a particularly good example of how to put a covenant together.
  • Despite being the home of under-rated Magi and monsters, Mistridge is a surprisingly well designed environment and very useful for ideas. Despite all expectations to the contrary, I like it.
  • The Gothic-punk take on Mythic Europe. Who let Mervyn Peake write an Ars Magica supplement (and who forgot to tell him the rules)?
  • The engaging descriptions of the magi of Mistridge and Windgraven, and the otherwise interesting material, are marred by the atrocious proof-reading which resulted in pathetically wrong stats for everything.
  • Plain boring.

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