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There are several ways to shapeshift in the Ars Magica canon. These include Hermetic shapeshifting spells such as the Shape of the Woodland Prowler, the Bjornaer Heartbeast ability, the curse of Lycanthropy, the Shapeshifter supernatural ability, and the Skinchanger virtue.

These different ways lead to different results in terms of their interactions with Hermetic magic, Magic Resistance, and supernatural warping.

See also HoHMC 23 for a discussion of the character's statistics while shapechanged.

Varieties of Shapeshifting[edit]

  • The Shapeshifter Ability is discussed in ArM5 p. 67, and the corresponding Major Supernatural Virtue in p. 48
  • The Skinchanger Minor Supernatural Virtue is in ArM5 pp. 48-49

See Also[edit]

  • Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults, "House Bjornaer", "Ringing the Changes", p. 22 for further discussion of the interaction with Hermetic magic and Magic Resistance.

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