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True Reason

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True Reason or the Realm of Reason was a fifth Realm of Power[1] that was introduced in Ars Magica Third Edition and existed only there.

The idea of True Reason is that pure, rational thought has a power that can counteract the supernatural Realms: exceptionally erudite characters can resist magical effects, and centers of learning can produce an aura that suppresses powers and creatures of the supernatural Realms (Magical, Faerie, Infernal, and Divine).

True Reason and the World of Darkness[edit]

True Reason was added when Ars Magica was published by White Wolf, who was at the time hinting that Mythic Europe might be the past of their otherwise independent RPG line, the World of Darkness. One interpretation was that one of the factions in Mage: The Ascension, the Technocracy, were the modern day equivalents of medieval characters with True Reason.

Later editions (at present, the Fourth and Fifth Editions) chose not to include True Reason.


Discussion in the fan community was predominantly critical of True Reason for the following reasons:

  1. It conflicts with many player's interpretation of the Medieval Paradigm.
  2. In a game about magic, it seems incongruous to say that rational thought can counteract magic.
  3. The idea that a rising Rational aura was poised to drive magic out of Mythic Europe set a tone that some players disliked.

The Virtue[edit]

True Reason is a +3 Mental Virtue in the Third Edition of Ars Magica. It granted the character Reason Points, which could be used much like Confidence Points.[2]


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