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Cradle and the Crescent

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The Cradle & the Crescent
Cover illustration for The Cradle & the Crescent
Product Information
Rules Edition: Fifth Edition
Abbreviation: CatC
Product Type: Tribunal Sourcebook
Author(s): Niall Christie, Erik Dahl, Lachie Hayes, Mark Shirley, and Alexander White
Publisher: Atlas Games
Product Number: AG0298
ISBN: 1-58978-123-6
Release date: November 2011
Format: Hardcover, 192 pages
Availability: Hardcover and PDF available

Cradle and the Crescent is essentially a Tribunal sourcebook, with the one exception that it covers areas outside of any Hermetic control, east of the Levant and Theban tribunals.


It is possible that some will misread the meaning of the title on first view. In this case, the cradle mentioned would be the Cradle of Civilization, not a cradle for the Baby Jesus standing for Christianity as the crescent would stand for Islam. Jerusalem and Bethlehem are not covered in this book.

Subject and Content[edit]

Breaking from what has been a standard of a hundred forty-four pages a book, the Cradle and the Crescent is a hundred ninety-two pages, including a single page advert. The extra pages allow it to not just provide information on the various regions it covers, but to dedicate also forty-two pages to describe a rival order of magic, what magi of the Order of Hermes call the Order of Solomon. Another twenty pages are dedicated to a large category of supernatural spirits that play a pivotal role in the magic of this new order, the Jinn. What can be called a magical and divine tradition, Mythic Zoroastrianism is detailed in another twenty pages.

After the introduction, a very short history section, and the appendices, seventy-three pages detail the regions of Mythic Arabia, Mesopotamia, and Persia, as well providing information on the silk road.

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