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House Merinita

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House Merinita
Motto "Natura veritas unica."
(Nature is the only truth)
Symbol Oak tree in circle
Primus Handri
Domus Magna Irencillia

House Merinita is one of the twelve Houses of the Order of Hermes, focused on the world of faeries. In Ars Magica Fifth Edition it is a Mystery Cult, and is described in detail in Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults. The house is led by Handri from its domus magna Irencillia, in the Rhine Tribunal.

The canonic House has little internal structure, being a "contrary crowd of disparate groups". HoHMC presents several groups of Merinita magi, wielding different Inner Mysteries and pursuing different goals and ideals. These vary from the True Merinitae that pursue the Founder's original nature mysteries to the Keepers of Stories who seek immortality through legends and pursue the magic of stories. Familiars are highly sought after, although Faerie Familiars pose problems as their fickle nature erodes the standard Familiar Cords - the House has developed imperfect solutions to this problem.

Known Members[edit]


  • The core description of the House is on ArM5 12.
  • The detailed canonic description, written by Erik Dahl, is given on HoHMC 75-106.


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